“Johnson should pack his suitcases but not with wine...” | POOL

They should have known better. These few words rather sum-up all those involved in the partygate scandal in Downing Street. The more pro-Conservatives newspapers on Fleet Street tried to make light of the whole scandal yesterday claiming that now was not the time to eject a Prime Minister over a few alleged drinks parties.

But with high office comes a responsibility, you can´t break the laws which you have introduced. This for me is the crux of the whole question. Yes, holding a drinks party after a long hard day at the office to blow off some steam doesn´t sound too much of a big deal, but it is the message which is all wrong. You can´t have one law for them and another for the political elite. Quite rightly the British public are angry and whatever Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he should resign.

If he doesn´t know what is going on in his own home he is not fit to run the country. As simple as that. He failed to keep the necessary standards in his own home. Britain is obviously facing some major problems from inflation, to the pandemic to Brexit. Ideally, now is not the time to find a new Prime Minister, which will take at least five weeks.

Johnson´s supporters will say that we all knew what Boris was like and yes the parties in Downing Street don´t really surprise me. But he has broken the trust of the British people and turned the government machine into a Carry On film. He should pack his suitcases...but not with wine.