British PM Boris Johnson visits Tilbury Docks in Tilbury | POOL

It is difficult, even on a small island many miles away, not to mention what is happening in Britain at the moment. I have made my views on the whole episode clear in this space, Prime Minister Boris Johnson should go, without question. But, it does appear that the British Prime Minister could just escape this whole sad affair which says little for British politics and will only lower (even further) the public perception of politicians. Indeed, Johnson appears to be weathering the storm at the moment but this could all change but at the moment he appears to be on a course for survival.

Johnson is a maverick, the Downing Street parties are no surprise to anyone but what concerns me is the ease in which he appears to be wiggling out of crisis in which should have resigned. Not for himself, not for his party but for the whole credibility of Britain. Ministers and even Prime Ministers have resigned for alot less. It is not a question of a few bottles of wine being drunk at Downing Street parties it is a question of the people who made the laws then went out and broke them.

It shouldn´t be a case of one law for them and another for us. It is a question of leading by example and doing the right thing. Many Spaniards often say that what they like about British politics is that politicians resign when they are perceived to have done wrong. They say that in Spain, politicians don't resign when they should. Britain is picking up bad habits. Johnson has powerful backers and they have been brought into play. I just hope that the British electorate doesn´t forget this whole sad episode.