“I think local politicians could be accused of dodging the question...” | R.L.

There have been plenty of examples over recent months of politicians “dodging the question.” The latest example is the social media campaign to change the name of Palma airport in honour of tennis champion Rafa Nadal. The Balearic President Francina Armengol thinks it is an excellent idea...but ultimately it is up to the airport authority to decide. So in other words “Good thinking, but not my call...” The Mayor of Palma, Jose Hila, said that any name change needed to include the words Palma.

He couldn´t be accused of sitting on the fence but it could be said that he was rather putting a spanner in the works. This from a man who was planning to change the names of a whole number of street names in Palma until he was effectively stopped by a public outcry. So what is the problem? Senior politicians don´t really think that it is such a good idea but they do not want to torpedo the idea because of the wave of public euphoria over Nadal and his victory at the Australian Open.

Armengol could have said: “I think it is a fantastic idea and I will be pushing for the support of the Airport Authority.” Hila could have said, ‘Yes, Rafa Nadal Palma airport is a great suggestion’. So Palma airport looks set (excuse the pun!) to remain as Son San Juan airport. I think it is a great pity.

Nadal is the greatest sportsperson these islands have ever produced and he is known worldwide. Why not celebrate this fact in this simple way. It is also great promotion for the islands.