The last major restrictions to curb Covid are being scrapped | R.L.

So the face-mask outside will go this week and it looks that the Covid passport could suffer the same fate next week. The last major restrictions to curb Covid are being scrapped. However, the number of Covid cases remains high (771 cases were reported in the Balearics yesterday) so I am rather amazed at the speed in which the measures are being axed.

Don´t get me wrong I will be the first to celebrate not having to wear a face mask outside and I will gladly file my Covid passport, but is it a case of going too fast? What would be a nightmare is if all these restrictions were introduced once again in a few weeks´ time because there had been a rise in the number of cases. I don´t think the Covid passport is a bad idea, really.

I know it means more work for bar and restaurant staff but at least there is some sort of control and it has ensured that more people have got vaccinated. I do get the impression that it is Madrid calling the shots rather than the Balearic government. It was Madrid which announced that the face-mask outside would end and it is Madrid which is probably pushing for the end of the Covid passport.

Why the rush? Probably to get the country back to work and moving forward again and of course the countdown is underway for the start of the holiday season. We have been fighting Covid for almost two years now; we've seen everything from a complete lockdown to Covid passports. Now, the end appears to be in sight surely it is better to be safe than sorry.