The democracies of Europe must be feeling very nervous at the moment | EFE

With Spain and the United Kingdom both members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) anxious glances are being cast towards the current ongoing crisis in Ukraine where Russia has more than 100,000 troops parked aggressively on the border.

With countries telling their citizens to get out quickly from that country, tensions are building across eastern Europe and beyond. In fact some observers have predicted that Russia will invade the country very soon, whilst others insist that it is an elaborate bluff. Perhaps it is with remembering that this crisis has developed because of Ukraine’s desire to join NATO and Russia’s supposed nervousness at that prospect.

Nevertheless, whilst we have all been obsessing about Covid-19 and all its works, plus - in the UK, so called office parties of all descriptions, the harsh reality of this international crisis has rather passed us all by, that is up and until now. As you would expect diplomats from all countries involved have been involved in talks trying to ‘warn-off’ the Russians from committing itself to any sort of military action. On the other hand, the Russians say that they are merely protecting their borders, as they say Western countries would also do given the same situation.

Some predict that the Russians are merely showboating, but that is hardly a proper defensive position given the current stand-off. Indeed, NATO countries seem to be warning the Russians no to do anything stupid or economic sanctions will bite hard both on their nation and the scores of plutocrats who are housed very comfortably in parts of London and beyond.

Nevertheless, the democracies of Europe must be feeling very nervous at the moment, not knowing what the Russians have in mind at any given time; or could it be they really don’t know either? Worryingly, this sort of aggressive stand off has in the past turned into a conflict that all parties never really envisaged as they set about discovering, who - on what side of the border would blink first.