“Amazing how MI6 spotted 120,000 Russian troops at the border...” | REUTERS TV


The Director General of MI6, Richard Moore, was busy congratulating his department this week because they had warned that Russia was set to invade Ukraine. How they managed to spot 120,000 Russian troops, their tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and trucks all neatly stationed near the border was absolutely incredible.

It must be one of the biggest intelligence coups since Bletchley Park broke the Enigma code back in the Second World War. What is more, I bet Mr. Moore (no relation to me, but I couldn't tell you anyhow!) and his team must have spotted that all Russian vehicles had a “Z” stuck to them so that the invading troops could identify friend from foe. This in an incredible piece of deception by the Russians (well, having said that it was used by the allies during the D-Day landings!).

This fantastic piece of spy work by MI6, who are really known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), must have been marked at Vauxhall Cross their ultra-hidden Headquarters. The address of this London building is so secret it is only known to a few people...(well having said it has appeared in two James Bond films so obviously someone at Pinewood Studios must know where it is!).

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I think we have all been rather shaken and stirred but what has happened and is happening in Ukraine this week and it hasn´t been the Western World´s finest hour. We knew Russia would invade, and Russia knew we would know but unfortunately despite all his know-how the people of Ukraine have been left to their fate.