A general view shows an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in New York City. | CARLO ALLEGRI


For once and only once, I agree with Donald Trump - the United Nations is a useless organisation which is not fit for purpose. Scrap it and start again. It is just a useless talking shop which has once again failed to stop an international conflict; this latest case is Ukraine. Surely, the United Nations could have taken a lead role in trying to find a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine.

Surely, this organisation could have done more. Why can’t the United Nations take the lead in trying to get refugees out of the country? Why can’t the United Nations front the worldwide aid effort? There is no logical answer. Best thing to do is close it down and start again. History is repeating itself once again, I seem to remember that the League of Nations went the same way. Why wasn’t Russia ejected from its seat on the United Nations security council.

After all, they did start an illegal war, which has no support at all outside the Kremlin Well, to be fair, China and India are sitting on the fence and North Korea has given its support to Russia. But that is it. Rather than taking a stand, the United Nations just threw up their arms and said “We can’t do anything...”. End of story, thank you and goodnight. It is quite amazing how the organisation has declined in less than 20 years. The United Nations did hold Britain and the US accountable for their “illegal” invasion of Iraq. They should be doing the same to Russia, with its illegal invasion of Ukraine. Not fit for purpose.