Don’t miss out on a great Mallorca holiday because of the war in Ukraine. | EFE


More hotels than ever have opened earlier this year as part of the Council of Majorca’s new tourism model for a longer season and there are plenty of offers to be found. However, there are concerns, especially in Germany, that the war in Ukraine is making people think twice about booking a summer holiday because no one knows what is going to happen, so it is becoming a late booking market.

The trouble with taking a wait-and-see approach could be that holiday makers may get caught by a rise in air fares due to the increase in fuel prices.

Last week, some friends of mine literally popped over to London to watch a midweek football match. The flights were 35 euros each return Palma to Gatwick.

For most airlines, fuel makes up 30% to 40% of operating costs, so it is highly probable that air fares will rise should the war unfortunately drag on.

But, with the main airlines adding extra flights from the UK to popular holiday destinations like Majorca, for those who are determined to enjoy some post-pandemic fun in the sun, book your holiday in Mallorca or elsewhere in the Balearics now. Why wait and end up being disappointed?

Over 80 percent of Mallorca’s hotels are going to be open for Easter and will remain open for the rest of the season, which, fingers crossed, will last until November. Majorca is ready and waiting for holiday makers, so don’t miss the boat, or even the plane.