“It looks as if Johnson has escaped partygate but I hope that he will be held to account...” | ANDY RAIN


Just a month ago British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was facing calls to resign from many within his own party. The parties at Downing Street during the Covid lockdown looked as if they would end his time as Prime Minister. There is an ongoing police investigation which could still force the Prime Minister to resign but it looks as if he is in the clear.

The war in Ukraine continues to grab world attention and Johnson has won praise for his “statesmanship role”. Yes, Britain has introduced tough sanctions and is continuing to provide weapons and aid to the Ukrainians but I don´t see Johnson as the leader of the international community, as some of his supporters say.

Johnson is a poor Prime Minister and he may have escaped “partygate” but I am sure that there will be other scandals. I do hope that he is held to account for the parties which allegedly took place in Downing Street because this was a case of the PM Behaving Badly.

His supporters will say that it is only a case of a few drinks but the bottom line is that he broke the rules and he should pay for it. What is more he actually introduced the rules in the first place. These are dangerous and difficult times; war in Ukraine, Covid and a cost of living crisis. Is Johnson the right person to lead Britain in these difficult times...?

The simple answer is no. He was elected in a landslide victory but that was then and this was now. If he was a bad PM a month ago, he continues to be so.