The UK is the third most popular destination for Spaniards moving abroad. | Reuters


Spain is still having to try and get to grips with its ongoing brain drain with more Spaniards than ever moving overseas and the United Kingdom, according to the latest figures from the government, is the third most popular destinations.

The primary reasons are that wages are higher and working conditions, especially when it comes to contracts, are better.

I know a number of Spaniards who have been working in the UK for decades now, have families there and some have even taken out British nationality and very few have any great desire to return home, except for holidays.

I remember it was not too long ago that the national Health Service used to operate an annual road show to Spain to recruit medical staff at all levels and everything had been thought of to make the transition of moving from Spain to the UK as easy as possible.

For example in areas where the local dialect may have been slightly challenging even for the best English speaker, special, phrase books were published to help Spanish nurses and doctors navigate their way round the accents and sayings.

The road show has since been parked up, but the Spanish, especially the younger generation, are still flocking to the UK in search of a brighter future at a great cost to the workforce in Spain and it is a trend which the government can not afford to ignore.