“Will Smith, is a great actor but he should not be above the law...” | BRIAN SNYDER


I like Will Smith. I like his films and he appears to be a good guy but just because he is a Hollywood superstar doesn´t mean that he is above the law. You can´t go around hitting people even if you feel you have been provoked and also you can´t start using the “F word” live on television.

There are standards and Smith should have known better. We are talking about the Oscars, the highlight of the year for the cinema industry. The world was watching and what they saw was a scene more reminiscent of a 1950s western film rather than an awards ceremony, meant to highlight the best of the industry. Is an apology enough? No. What would happen to you if you were sitting in a bar and you felt provoked and then hit the person? You would be questioned by the police and face trial. Your punishment would be a fine or community service and this is what Will Smith should expect.

Chris Rock is a controversial figure, his joke was in poor taste but that is why he was on stage in the first place; he is known for his below the belt gags. It is such a shame that the Oscars were overshadowed by this outrage and perhaps the whole event should have been cancelled. Watching Smith strike Rock and then coming on stage to collect his top prize may have been a bridge too far for some. This event shouldn´t be swept quietly under the carpet. The police do need to be involved and they should take the appropriate action. What we can´t have is one law for one and another for others.