Cruise ship in Palma. | Jaume Morey

Tourist taxes are spreading across Spain. The Balearics has no intention of lifting it, despite suggestions that for this year at least, it may help the tourist industry recover from the pandemic and now Valencia is going to introduce one next year and it will apply to cruise passengers as well. Barcelona’s tourist tax already applies to cruise passengers and the regional government in Valencia this week gave the green light to a tourist tax. The news will come as a blow to many as the cost of living continues to rise and holidays become more about budgeting and less about splashing out.

It will apply to any passenger who is staying in hotels, tourist accommodation, rural houses, campsites and hostels. Anyone arriving on a cruise ship in the region will also be subject to the higher costs whether or not they are staying overnight. The tax will range from 50c per night in campsites and hostels to €2 per night for stays in 4-star and 5-star hotels. Cruise ship tourists will pay €1.50 per night, however, there will be a cap on how much each person pays. However, where the Valencia tax will differ is that it not be compulsory to every region, but will rather be left up to each individual municipality to choose to impose it or not. Perhaps the Balearics could adopt a similar approach if it is determined to keep it.