An Extinction Rebellion activist dressed as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson protests outside the Science Museum in London. | JOHN SIBLEY

It was looking to have been a cracking week for Boris Johnson last Saturday when he pulled off a big surprise when he flew in to Kjiv. Johnson had been in a running argument with his security detail about the feasibility of a visit to Kyiv for weeks, and last Saturday he finally won his battle.

He was hailed “Brave Boris” by the Ukrainians, but back home things were taking a turn for the worse and the combination of “partygate” and the financial affairs of the Chancellor’s wife took the bounce of his bold visit to the war zone. He is going to have some serious thinking to do over Easter, will he bounce back after the break with reshuffle and move, or replace, Rishi Sunak? By that point they would have paid their fines for breaking Covid rules at Number 10 so the decks will hopefully be clear.

It appears pretty clear for the time being that Boris is staying put, as his trusty MPs point out, he is fighting a war, not to mention rising inflation, travel chaos, and on-going Covid problems. The revelations about boozy Downing Street parties provoked resignation calls from MPs in Johnson’s Conservative Party earlier this year. However, that pressure largely abated with the war in Ukraine. So, will Sunak be the fall guy? Events of the past week cannot he brushed under No. 10’s carpet. Boris needs to start laying down, and respecting, the law.