People are seen sitting on a terrace in Palma. | Bergas


It is fantastic news that the island is busy over Easter and it should help lift the economic gloom left by the pandemic. But a word of warning....don't increase your prices too much. I know that the last two years have been a nightmare for local businesses but they have been for all of us. Everyone is feeling the pinch.

Over Easter I have noticed yet again that prices have risen. The price of a small beer, in some places in central Palma, has gone up to 2.50 euros. I use to go to a bar in central Palma and a gin and tonic was priced at six euros. I returned the other day and found that the same drink now costs 10 euros. This is outrageous. You can´t just raise your prices because the summer season has started. In some cases the same can be said for hotel prices. There is a danger that Mallorca could price itself out of the market. Yes, Mallorca is spoilt choice at the moment and there is no shortage of tourists but we must be careful.

Once a destination gets a reputation for being expensive it is bad news for everyone. The British and German travel industry always maintain that tourists want value for money and this is what Mallorca must offer. There is also another issue which the island must remember. It is all very well taking the island upmarket with more five star hotels and top bars and restaurants but we must remember that the majority of tourists who come here are on a budget. Please, we need a measure of price control because we could have trouble in the future.