Tourists arriving at Palma airport. | miquel a. canellas

Sort it out please. For two years the travel industry was that everything has returned to normal and it can’t cope. Now, I don’t know who is to blame but the massive queues at airports can’t continue. Flights being cancelled is another sign that all is not well within the industry. Take Palma airport.

It was obviously not prepared for the mass arrival of British tourists who now have to go through passport control. It appears that it was a question of one-man and his dog checking passports and as a direct result long queues formed. (Surprise, Surprise). Finally, someone has woken-up and an additional 50 police officers are being sent to the airport which should mean that the problem is resolved. End of story we hope. Unfortunately, the problem can’t be resolved so easily at British airports where the government and the travel industry are involved in a war of words. It does appear that UK airports were not ready and there was a shortage of Border Force staff.

I remember interviewing a director from one of the leading travel companies who said that there was a staff shortage but he hoped that the issue would be addressed and resolved. This has not proved to be the case, or so it seems. People have waited two years to go on holiday. They have dreamt of their week in the sun during the bad days of the pandemic. Give them a break and sort it out, they deserve it.