The Balearics could have a say in how its ports and airports are run. | M. ESTER DE JUAN


So independence is back on the table, especially in Scotland, let them have it. And as the debate rumbles on and on in Catalonia, it got me thinking. What about if the Balearics gained independence? OK, it’s extremely unlikely, but it could work.

To begin with, the Balearics is one of the regions which pays the most taxes to Madrid every year but receives one of the lowest returns in Spain. Just think if all that money, all the taxes paid in the Balearics, stayed in the Balearics.

The islands already run their own and excellent public health service, they are in charge of education, in fact the various layers of local government are responsible for most things apart from the main port and airports and that is because they generate so much money that Madrid wants as much of it as possible.

So all that revenue could be added to the Balearic pot, plus the Balearics would have a say in how its ports and airports are run - which would probably be much better than they are at the moment. Over the years there has been much talk about having a Balearic police force as opposed to relying on the Madrid-controlled National Police, many of whom cannot afford to be deployed to the Balearics.

Considering Palma and Madrid should be singing off the same Socialist song sheet, they are very much out of tune and the Balearics continues to be a cash cow. And it’s not fair. Just a thought.