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The Balearics could have a say in how its ports and airports are run


An independent Balearics

“It is highly unlikely that it will ever happen, but I think it could work.”

Humphrey Carter08/07/2022 07:00

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Letters to the Editor

Our readers have sent letters about unemployment in Spain and Scotland Independence.

06/07/2018 00:00

President Armengol once more stated the case for federalism yesterday.


Armengol calls for federalism in reform of the Constitution

"Why can we not advance down a federal road, live in diversity and celebrate a state that is rich in cultures, languages and history?"

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter06/12/2017 00:00

One of the numerous protests last week - this one on Tuesday in Barcelona.


Independence week in Majorca

Catalonia, some of it, was wanting independence; Més took a view on Balearic independence and also found the legal system taking an interest in party members; the tourism minister was not entirely reassuring; Monarch went under; the rural world was having a spat; and Majorca contributed to a Nobel Prize.

Andrew Ede07/10/2017 00:00


A push for independence

Catalonia is pushing ahead with its independence referendum from Spain... eventhough the central administration and the judiciary say that the whole process is illegal.

Jason Moore06/07/2017 00:00

Marga Prohens of the PP, who criticised President Armengol's New Year message for being unrealistic.

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New Year and what's in a city's name: the past week in Majorca

New Year celebrations and incidents, a city's name and an American in Majorca: just some of the themes over the past week in the Bulletin

Monitor03/01/2016 00:00

Call for Barceló to resign following independence march


Call for Barceló to resign following independence march

Barceló, the Circulo Balear says, was at the head of a march for “pan-Catalan separatism” in which a banner declared “from autonomy to sovereignty”.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/01/2016 00:00


Catalan stalemate

“It was a stalemate in the Catalan poll; no overall winner and no overall loser”

Jason Moore28/09/2015 00:00

Julio Iglesias in Mexico, celebrating his 72nd birthday.


Catalonia: Stick with Spain, says minister, as does Julio Iglesias

Pro-independence politicians, the singer said, should "understand a little more that they can reach a much better agreement with the national government".

24/09/2015 00:00

Catalan leader Artur Mas: wants independence.


Catalan independence would mean exit from the euro zone, says Bank of Spain chief

Uncertainties and tensions over the election are affecting Catalan and other Spanish banks.

22/09/2015 00:00

Opinion polls show pro-secession parties could win a slim majority of seats.


Spanish banks warn of Catalonia independence risks

Spain’s two main banking lobby groups AEB and CECA, whose members include Santander, BBVA and Barcelona-based Caixabank, warned secession could force lenders to consider leaving the region.

19/09/2015 00:00

PM Rajoy says they will battle to the end


PM Rajoy says they will battle to the end

Catalonia holds regional elections on September 27 in which separatists are trying to win a majority of representatives in parliament to push their independence drive forward.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/09/2015 00:00

Artur Mas,.


Spain prepares for another Catalan independence push

This election could be the break the Catalan independence movement has been waiting for.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/09/2015 00:00