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The Council of Mallorca's whole tourism promotion strategy has been thrown into doubt by internal battles between coalition partners.

The ruling socialists on the Council of Mallorca, which has control over tourist promotion, had wanted to sponsor Real Mallorca football club and its stadium (Visit Mallorca). The whole deal, costing almost two million euros, had all but been done but then it was torpedoed by coalition members, Mes (the Mallorcan nationalists) who said that the island already had too many tourists and this sort of promotion was not needed. End of story and own goal Mallorca, the island rather than the football club!

Then this week the Palma city council announced that they wanted to promote the Playa de Palma, as an area for “nomad business people,” in otherwords those who work online and “from home.” Tourist tax cash would be used but once again the whole idea was sunk.

The first thing that has to be said is that we are moving towards election time and Mes is deeply opposed to mass tourism claiming that the island already has too many tourists. This is a point which some might support but it must be remembered that the island faces stiff competition from other holiday destinations and the island has to “spread the word.”

It shows how strong the “less tourism body” has become if they can force a change in promotion strategy. Food for thought.