Four generations of women have owned and run El Bungalow which is facing being knocked down. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Come on, let’s not kid ourselves. Why have and do most people come on holiday to Mallorca? For the sea, sun and sand plus some delicious food and wine and where better to enjoy the island’s gastronomic delights than at a beach bar, preferably one where you can dine while your toes dangle in the sea.

So why are the Balearic authorities intent of demolishing as many beach bars as possible? Some have been operating for generations, have become part of the landscape, the main attraction and gained many friends over the years.

The beach bars and “chiringuitos” are part of the essence of Mallorca, they help to make the island stand out from other destinations - I know of many people who regularly visit the island and always return to their favourite beach bar or restaurant and love nothing better than taking their friends to show off their little Mallorcan secret.

They are a key ingredient to relaxing in Mallorca and enjoying local dishes many people would not have access to at home, not to mention the weather, locations and Mediterranean sea. And I am not just talking about foreign tourists, visitors from the mainland love nothing more than the delights of the island’s beach bars. Plus the establishments create jobs and help the local economy.

Palma’s hotels may be open this winter, but occupancy is forecast to be 40%. What does that say? Most people want to hit the coast and when the sun is shining.