The World Travel Market in London is one of the biggest holiday promotion fairs in the world but officially the Balearic government were not promoting tourism last week in London. They have gone to London to discuss eh... tourism and holiday plans but honest... they are not trying to get more tourists.

We have enough of them already, according to government sources. Promotion has become a bad word because the junior partners in the Balearic government coalition, the Mallorcan nationalists (Mes) are deeply opposed to any moves to attract more tourists to the island because they claim that Mallorca is already overcrowded and there is no room at the inn.

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So Balearic President Francina Armengol must be careful in London and watch her words otherwise her coalition could split apart. Officially, she is in London to hold talks with the British travel industry about... the price of beans? the chances of Real Mallorca winning the Spanish league? or whether Matt Hancock will be evicted from the Jungle? If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable.

The opposition Partido Popular has rightly asked what is the Balearic government doing in London if they are not promoting the islands as a holiday destination. Also, the local authorities must sometimes measure their words. We know that the island is overcrowded in the summer but we still want tourists in the summer because that is our livelihood.