Toursts taking a stroll in Puerto Alcudia. | CURRO VIERA


A few months ago I noted in this space how quiet Mallorca was and how there was a severe lack of tourists. I am sticking by my guns...Mallorca is still quiet. Granted that we are in peak season but the island does appear to be strangely quiet. Record season?.... I don´t think so. The other night I went to book a table in a trendy Palma restaurant. Even in winter you have trouble finding a table. On Wednesday night, no problem...where do you want to sit!

Now, the resorts are busy but we are in peak season and if they are not busy now they never will be. I suspect that the problem may be that Mallorca is no longer a “cheaper” destination. Hotel prices are high and as we all know the cost of living is also higher here than on the mainland. The perception is that Mallorca is having a record season, everyone says so but people are starting to admit that things are quieter than normal. I was rather alarmed to read in the British media that Magalluf is not as popular as it once was. I suppose it is all early days and we have months of peak summer season ahead of us but I think the alarm bells should be ringing.

The top end of the market appears to be doing very but it appears that it is the middle to lower end which is suffering. This is quite normal if you think about it; Germany is in recession and Britons are counting their pennies. So the island’s two main tourist markets have economic woes. I don’t think many people have taken this into account. Perhaps the new Balearic government should consider a promotion drive in Britain and Germany. Other competing holiday destinations have taken this sort of action. Whatever the final outcome of the holiday season I think you can say that it has been a slow start. Perhaps the time has come to look closely at pricing and what the island offers.