Soller's tram. | Ingo Thor


That was the week that was, in the Soller Valley. The partially rebuilt Defensora Theatre collapsed. The politicians’ decisions of past years came painfully home to roost. Thousands of words have been written on this event and can be accessed if you want to research the sorry back story. The younger people of Soller are indignant and the older section of Soller society are incredulous and disappointed. Who would be a local politician in the Soller Valley today?

Sometimes big events in the local world are a catalyst for change. This is the way many are talking, now the first shock is over. Time to have a more balanced view of life in Soller, is one view. Too much time and energy spent on tourism and not enough on preserving the fabric and daily life of the Town. The dialogue from the Town Hall will be examined word by word and everyone will have a view.

The children are back at school and new routines are in place. An 8am start for the High School of the area, plus the return of the school buses to bring those from the outlying villages to school. All sports have now started a new season and for those involved this can mean 3 training sessions a week plus a match at the weekend. Summer is over for the parents supporting their children as they become the chauffeurs of the teams to matches.

This month sees the start of new terms for activities for all in Son Angelats Sports Centre and the Can Dulce Community Centre. Pro Musica Chorus are looking for new voices and they meet in the Convent on Wednesday’s at 8pm. Anastasia and her Line Dancing classes appear in many venues including the two mentioned above, and in Fornalutx. A great opportunity to join in with the local vibe.

The normal life of the Soller Valley picks up its own momentum now. The saturated tourism months are ending and, although October and November are very busy months, the numbers ease a little which makes coexistence easier. The Soller Solidarity Team have a stall every Saturday in the market. They sell donated crafting gifts in add of The Food Bank. The work of Caritas Food Bank in this area, is a year-round task. Unemployment is relatively low, but the salaries are not always enough for families to live on. The City of Soller also supports several families who are on the minimum benefit entitlement. Soller gives the appearance of being a successful affluent Town, but it shares the statistic for the whole of Mallorca of a 40% child poverty ratio. The Town Hall and local people work hard to support those in need. Soller and the villages often have Solidarity functions to raise money for good local causes. They take the form of paella or Pa an Oli suppers, plus entertainment. Do come and join in if you see one of these events being advertised. Always a good evening with local friends and neighbours, all proceeds for an extremely good cause.

Local friends are very excited to be planning their winter trips home. As September dawns they see the end of the season in sight. The promises, by some employers, of end of year bonuses are enough for the bookings to start. Argentina, Nigeria, Columbia are all destinations I have heard about this week. Time to go ‘home’ and reconnect with their much-missed families. Of course, there are equal numbers who head back to many places in mainland Spain. They don’t have so far to go but they miss their families equally.

This month also marks the arrival to the Valley of many second homeowners who always avoid the hottest of months. Late September till mid-December is a very popular time to catch up with those who have lives in other places as well as here. The walkers, cyclists, and amblers amongst them are soon integrated into Valley life when they return and bring a new perspective of life. September is the favourite month of many for so many reasons. I am one of many who love the change of temperature and the beginning of the autumn every year in Soller.