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Luis Rubiales has finally quit as head of the Spanish football association. August 20th was when Spain won the Women’s World Cup and not a day has passed without the story being mentioned. He decided to tell Piers Morgan in an interview that he was quitting but added he would be denying the charges of sexual assault brought forward by the Spanish player Jenni Hermoso. It was obvious to most level headed people that his position was untenable following his actions at the World Cup Final. But still some people think there was some sort of political plot to get rid of him. I say, if he didn’t do what he did then this story wouldn’t have happened and possibly if he had apologised from the outset then it might not have exploded like it did.

The hunt is on for his replacement, which might be an interim for now because of Spain’s bureaucracy meaning a new President of the RFEF can only be voted in, in an Olympic year, which is next year. Three candidates have emerged.

The favourite is former Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who interestingly enough was involved in his own kiss storm back in 2010. After winning the World Cup he kissed the girl who was interviewing him, although some people didn’t know it but Sara Carbonero was his girlfriend at the time. They went on to marry each other but have now split.

During his highly successful career in Madrid, Casillas won all major club titles, including five La Liga titles, four Supercopa de España titles, two Copa del Rey titles, three UEFA Champions Leagues, two UEFA Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and the FIFA Club World Cup. With Spain he won two European Championships and the World Cup.

Mateu Alemany Font is another candidate and former president of RCD Mallorca during two tenures. Between 2017 and November 2019 he was the General Director at Valencia CF, and was most recently director of football at FC Barcelona. He was on his way to Aston Villa last summer before Barcelona persuaded him to stay for another year.

The last one to mention and someone who is currently the Vice-president of the RFEF is Elvira Andres. She is a lawyer and expert in sports law, who has spent a significant part of her professional career in institutional transparency and compliance. Within the RFEF, she has held various roles, including Compliance Officer (2018-2020), Head of Integrity (2020-2022), and Vice President of the federation (since 2020).

All three offer something different and it will be interesting to see who is successful as whoever gets in has a big job on their hands.

How to get Real Mallorca football tickets

I always get people asking me how to get hold of Real Mallorca tickets. The best way is on the website or going to the club itself. Note that they are playing Barcelona at home on Tuesday September 26 at 9.30pm. Tickets are on sale now and it will be a sellout. They currently have just over 18,500 season ticket holders which means there won’t be many tickets available to buy.

Youth football has started

I am pleased to say that youth football has started again on the island. For me it’s what I love about autumn, winter and spring here. Of course it helps if your own sons or daughters are playing but I’ve found myself watching more and more football that doesn’t necessarily feature my two.

Case in point I drove down to watch my friend in Ibiza Martin Makepeace’s son Dani play in goal for Portmany against Andratx last Saturday. Dani is blessed with having a father who is 6ft 7in and the family trait continues which these days is so important for a goalkeeper. He’s gone up an age group to play in Portmany’s Nacional team, which is a great achievement.

On arriving at Andratx, me and my youngest discover that we have to pay 8€ each for the privilege. I thought that was a bit of a rip especially when we were only able to stay until half-time, until I discovered that Martin too had to pay to watch his own son play! Just so you’re aware this doesn’t happen in all youth football it’s mainly the older ones who are playing in Division Honor or Nacional as they have to travel Inter island and in the case of Division Honor to the mainland too. Also the club that my boys play for San Francisco don’t charge the parents of the boys that are playing.

Cadete Autonomíca this weekend

Talking of boys going up an age group. My youngest Jude who is also a goalkeeper has been called up for Cadete Autonomíca this weekend. He’ll be on the bench as back up to the first choice goalkeeper but still it’s great experience for him. He’s been training all week with them and will go with them to their game on Saturday lunchtime.

As long as he doesn’t play he’ll be free to play for his own team Saturday evening. Each weekend I check the fixtures and hope that my two are not playing at the same time. This Saturday though Jude kicks-off at 5pm and Jake at 5.45pm. As luck would have it they’re both playing in Son Fusteret where the two pitches are back to back so I can watch both games.

Jake kicked off his season in Petra last week. As we thought it was a tough game with most of the village out watching their team. Petra went ahead in the first 5 minutes and I thought here we go. But just before half-time we equalised with a header from guess who? Yes Jake, who is a left-back by the way and somehow found himself in the box to force it home. It’s been that long since he scored he didn’t know what to do. The game finished 1-1, so he’s been crowing all week that he’s the top scorer.

If anyone would like any advice on football for boys and girls here on the island then I’m happy to help you. Just send me an email to rprior@globobalear.com

Take care everybody and enjoy your weekend!