Mallorca is known for its wonderful beaches, it is just a question of keeping them open. | Jaime Mora

It is just a question of common sense. The local authorities have been talking about low season tourism for years, but one of the vital ingredients, which has made Mallorca what it is, was missing; the beaches from the end of October onwards are effectively closed. But step forward the new Calvia council and mayor, Juan Antonio Amengual.

They want limited beach services (sunbeds, etc) for most of the year. In other words, if you have 300 days of beach weather in Mallorca, then you will soon be able to go to the beach with limited full services. The idea is that instead of having a beach packed with sunbeds, there are a small number which will be available throughout the year. Not only will the plan help bring resorts to life during the winter, it will also give tourists an added reason to come on holiday to Calvia.

Winter tourism is a chicken-and-egg scenario. There are few flights because there are few hotels open. And if there are few flights and few hotels, there are few businesses open in the resorts. Then you add a closed beach and it is question of thank you and goodnight. There is plenty to do in the low season in Mallorca from hiking to shopping, but one of the island’s star attractions is closed, namely the beaches. Not if the new mayor of Calvia has his way. I suspect that if the plan is successful it will be rolled out across the island.

Beach holidays throughout the year. Yes, it does get cold in the winter and yes it is not beach weather all the time but yes we do have a nice climate on the island. Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best.

A photograph of people on sunloungers in November or March in Calvia in the British media will probably do far more than any costly promotion campaign. Mallorca is known for its wonderful beaches, it is just a question of keeping them open.