Passengers arriving at Palma airport. | R.C.


We are very lucky that the British have an enduring love affair with Mallorca and Spain because every day that goes past it appears that Spain and the European Union are making it more difficult to come here.

Non-residents can only spend 180 days in Spain in two blocks of two and now Britons are being urged to get an official document from police so that friends and family can visit them. Granted that it is not a legal requirement but at the same time it is just more red tape at a time when red tape is in plentiful supply.

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An estimated 30 million Britons visit Spain every year so you would have thought that Spain and the European Union would be making it easier for Britons to visit. Far from it. Spain is fighting the rather pointless 180-day ruling but it will need support from across the European Union.

Getting all countries to agree will not be an easy task. The British government said that with Brexit it would help to cut through all the red tape; this is far from the case.

If Spain wants to continue to attract British tourists in vast numbers it needs to get its act together.