Passengers arriving at the airport in Spain.

Passengers arriving at the airport in Spain.

12-11-2020Fernando Villar

Tourists and travellers who arrive in Spain without proof of a negative PCR test could be fined up to 6,000 euros and forced to undergo a rapid test to ensure safe mobility.

"These are serious fines, deterrent fines, it’s not about the money,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Arancha González, who stressed that as of November 23, a negative PCR will be mandatory for all travellers from risk areas.

Spain approved the PCR measure after the European Commission agreed to establish it in the EU, although it's already a requirement for entry into most European countries.

Minister González also pointed out that international mobility accounted for "0.08 percent of Covid imports" and that only 4,800 of the 5,200,000 travellers who've entered Spain since last July have tested positive."

When asked about a false message that’s been circulating on social media, Minister González expressed concern about the circulation of fake news. She said the message was “spread by accounts linked to the far right in Spain" and called it “an orchestrated disinformation campaign with spurious objectives that damage the image of people and the institutions they represent.”

”Without free journalism there is no democracy, no freedom of expression, she added, “but there is also no democracy when there is mass misinformation, structured and conveyed for spurious purposes.”


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Rich / Hace 11 months

Tell me again why the spanish economy is always in a mess.


Yogi / Hace 12 months

There’s a whopping punch in the face for any tourist. Who needs Arran and the anti-tourist brigade with alarming messages like this?


David / Hace 12 months

Yet they can still walk in from Madrid and Barcelona without a test... history about to repeat itself


John Parkinson / Hace 12 months

It is about the money for me! 2x€£150 for the test,plus tourist tax. Am just going to look to change my flights already booked for next year. Hope we in the UK impose same for Spanish visitors as their Covid figure are much worse than ours.


Adam Ostenfeld / Hace 12 months

Great , However if for example you are flying from Dusseldorf to Palma de Mallorca on Monday Morning 0:900 and you need to have been tested so you get tested here before leaving let's say Friday morning and you need the result by Friday night or you are not going to be able to fly , then when you manage to get the result it's going to be older than 48 hrs when you arrive in Palma and your going to get a 6,000 euro fine when you arrive get another test at 140 euros probably be on quarantine for 2 weeks in a Hotel that you didn't pick , well your better off staying home .