Plane taking off from Heathrow Airport.

Plane taking off from Heathrow airport.

23-03-2021Reuters/Toby Melville

Travel to ‘Green' list countries could be blocked if the British Foreign Office decides they’re off-limits, even if they’ve been included on the safe list.

The Balearic Tourism Sector is hoping that the Islands will be included on the ‘Green’ list, which would be a massive boost for the Tourism Sector, because British holidaymakers wouldn’t have to quarantine when they return to the UK.

British Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps says all will be revealed very soon.

“The UK’s ‘Green’ List will be revealed in two or three weeks,” he said. "For the first time people can start to think about visiting loved ones abroad or perhaps a summer holiday.”

The UK's International travel ban is due to be lifted on May 17 and the new ‘traffic light’ system will classify countries as ‘Green’, ‘Red’ and ‘Amber’ depending on the level of coronavirus infection and how many people have been vaccinated.

Being on the 'Green' list is crucial for the summer season in Mallorca.


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john / Hace 9 months

Yeh Lisa. I'm sick of all the press about it too. The U.K gov is doing this (they say) by Country. So Mallorca will not be the decision (green),it's the whole of Spain. And the whole of Spain is nowhere near a green level yet.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

As one of those people desperate to see family not based in Mallorca, I am finding it incredibly frustrating that the Balearic Government keep insisting they are hopeful of the UK’s green classification.

Read this article: ‘the ‘traffic light’ system will classify countries as ‘Green’, ‘Red’ and ‘Amber’ depending on the level of coronavirus infection and how many people have been vaccinated.’

With a current vaccination figure little over 6 per cent, an ongoing EU argument with AstraZeneca and just 3000 Johnson and Johnson vaccines on their way to the islands - there is absolutely no chance the Balearics will meet the green list vaccination requirement.


Nick Matthew / Hace 9 months

But Spain won't let the Brits in at the moment so whatever the UK Government decides does not matter.


John Law / Hace 9 months

Spain, or Mallorca will not qualfy for the Green list in three weeks, as the vaccination porcentage criteria will not reach 50% by then. Also the all-important contagion, or daily new cases, figures have flat-lined at around 60 new cases every day on average, and this is prior to the new restrictions being eased. Nothing to stop anybody booking of course, you'll get a refund...