A Ryanair Boeing 737 aircraft approaches Paris-Beauvais airport in Tille

A Ryanair Boeing 737 aircraft approaches Paris-Beauvais airport in Tille.

04-06-2021Christian Hartmann

The chief executive of airline Ryanair expects there to be unrestricted movement between Europe and Britain from July onwards, taking an optimistic position despite Britain's move to further limit travel on Thursday.

"When people are travelling in July and August there will be no restrictions on travel to and from, between, the UK and Europe, because of the success of vaccines and the fact that the vaccines are effective against this variant," Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary told the BBC on Friday.

Britain removed Portugal from its quarantine-free travel list on Thursday, essentially shutting down Britain's international leisure market just weeks after it reopened.


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Majorca fan / Hace 8 months

Well he would say that wouldn’t he. U.K. has 75% 1st vaccine and 56% second doses given. Despite this the case rate has doubled in the last 7 days in the U.K. mainly in unvaccinated people. The U.K. priority is opening the U.K. by end June which will be difficult enough without an incoming variant developing in a Petri dish of holiday population mixing


John Law / Hace 8 months

Here we go again, somone sees.(should've gone to Specsavers) .. The criteria needs to be met, and Spain won't get there this year, deal with it....


Tom / Hace 8 months

Of course he says these stupid things as his company shares price needs to stay up ! Which took a 5.3 % hit today . I d rather have my health in the hands of scientists than in the hands of greedy Airline CEO s . ! Seriously everyone should get a grip . Covid is still out there and very much alive and spreading ! Sweet talking it away for the sake of some summer holidays throwing away everyone’s past tough restrictions that everyone had to endure is plain stupid . Cautious travel with PCR tests TO and from plus updated vaccination s is the only way forward . Everything else is wishful thinking .


johnb / Hace 8 months

That's super optimistic!