British tourists arriving in Mallorca.

British tourists arriving in Mallorca.

24-06-2021Gemma Andreu

UK residents won't need to quarantine when they return home from 'Amber' countries.

The Balearic Government, Hoteliers, Tour Operators, Airlines, Carriers and other Tourism Sectors in the Balearic Islands welcomed the UK’s decision, particularly since increased contagion in recent weeks sparked fears of Mallorca reverting to the ‘Amber’ list.

This is positive news and allows British tourists to come to the islands from July 19, regardless of whether the Balearic Islands are ‘Green’ or ‘Amber’,” said Government spokesperson and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela. "There are 35 million Britons who’ve had both doses of the vaccination, so we have a potential market of 35 million."

"This is fantastic news that we must manage with the utmost responsibility,” tweeted Meliá's CEO and Alliance for Exceltur Tourism Strategy President, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume.

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps’ announcement means that we have a tourist season despite the pandemic thanks to double coronavirus vaccination,” said Hoteliers and Tourism Sectors representatives.

UK residents entering England from ‘Amber’ countries, including mainland Spain, don’t need to quarantine for ten days if they've been fully vaccinated in Britain, but they'll still need a PCR test before travelling and a second one two days after entering the country.

"I can confirm that from 19 July, UK residents who are fully vaccinated will not have to quarantine when they return to England from 'Amber' countries," said Shapps. “Those under the age of 18 will not have to isolate or undergo a test on the 8th day, children aged 5-10 will only have to take a PCR test on the 2nd day and those under 5 are exempt.”

The aim of the changes is to give vaccinated people priority.

"We want to welcome back international visitors to this country and we are working to expand our approach to vaccinated people from important markets and holiday destinations such as the US and the EU.

Jet2, EasyJet, British and TUI Fly welcomed the British Government’s changes and announced that flights schedules for Mallorca and other islands is continuing, "because there is a great demand.”

Other Tourism Sectors have also welcomed the news but urged caution.

"It's positive, but for us to have a good season we must appeal to the responsibility of tourists and residents,” said FEBT President, Rafael Roig. “There’s no room for mistakes with the evolution of the pandemic in the Balearic Islands.”


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Lisa / Hace 7 months

There is a line that keeps cropping up and is vital to UK citizens resident in the Balearics: “UK citizens have to have been vaccinated in the UK to have their fully jabbed status recognised in the UK”.

If you have UK nationality, but are a legal resident in Mallorca and have been vaccinated here you are allowed to get the EU ‘vaccination passport’ certificate.

But, will it be recognised in the UK?

With the Balearics on the brink of turning Amber, it’s really important that our travel rights as legal Brits abroad are recognised.

With family in the UK for many, it’s vital this question is answered. Can the MDB help?