TUI passengers arriving in Palma.

TUI passengers arriving in Palma. recent photo.

14-07-2021Ultima Hora

The Balearic Islands are being added to the UK’s ‘Amber’ list from Monday at 04:00, which means travellers returning to England will have to quarantine at home from next week, unless they’ve had both Covid vaccines.

The news is a huge blow to younger holidaymakers who probably haven’t had both jabs.

Bulgaria and Hong Kong are moving to the ‘Green’ list; Croatia and Taiwan join the ‘Green’ watchlist and are at risk of being moved to ‘Amber’.

The British Virgin Islands are moving to the ‘Amber’ list.

Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sierra Leone have been added to the UK’s ‘Red’ list which means anyone travelling from there will have to quarantine in a hotel when they return to Britain.


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John Law / Hace 6 months

Predictable and inevitable of coutse. Boris should not have turned green listening to the Spanish. The reality is that to beat the virus there should not be any tourism anywhere until we are all vaccinated. In the meantime, ERTE (Furlough) for all taxpayers. Then we could start living with the virus with less risk and, moving forward wirh our economies. Otherwise we'll ccontinue with confusion, uncertainty and "bread today, hunger for tomorrow" ...


Rich / Hace 6 months

I imagine the demands of the gov't approved hotels is the opposite to what it is here! So the the young are expected to go back, having spent most of their savings on their annual holiday, are now expected to pay out for a hotel upon arrival. Surely I am wrong on this?


joe jopling / Hace 6 months

The young ones who are going and need the two jabs...have to have the 2nd one at least 14 days before they fly....and when I arrived at Palma airport last week, a very officious lady would not accept my paper copy of the NHS certificate or a screenshot and I had to bring it up on my phone...


Joan / Hace 6 months

Great news from the UK. How refreshing to hear some common sense from a Prime Minister thinking long-term...


Thomas / Hace 6 months

Q. Where they warned?

A. Yes.

Q. Did they listen?

A. No.


Stan.. / Hace 6 months

Deep down we alll expected to be treated the same way as Portugal. But how can the Airport be given a Safety Award. Something is wrong. Personally Face Masks must be reintroduced, along with all the original precautions to prevent another Lockdown . Probably caused from the Indian Delta Variant