Masks outdoors to be compulsory in Spain

Masks outdoors will again be a requirement,

22-12-2021Yuri Kochetkov

An outcome of the Wednesday conference of government and regional presidents is that the wearing of masks outdoors will again be obligatory. This had been called for by various regions. There is to be a cabinet meeting on Thursday at which this measure will be approved.

On June 26, the government decided to end the mandatory use of masks outdoors in situations with more than 1.5 metres of distance. The government has now decided to reverse this, arguing that it will be a measure to control the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister Sánchez has also announced a strengthening of the vaccination programme. Armed Forces health personnel are to be drafted in and military hospitals will be made available for vaccination.

Sánchez has set targets for the booster vaccination and for the vaccination of children. With the booster, 80% of the 60-69 age group before the end of the year; 80% of the 50-59 age group by January 24; 80% of the 40-49 age group by the first week of March.

For children aged 5 to 11, 70% with a first dose of vaccine by February 7; 70% with a second dose by April 19.


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Julie / Hace 28 days

Madness! there is nobody on the streets where I live anyway! its a dead tourist resort and will become even worse. Bonkers


Olle / Hace 29 days

Masks outdoors What is this stupidity? – other than another blow to the already suffering tourism industry in Spain? There is no scientific proof whatsoever that is this new decree has any positive effects on the pandemic spread. Other rules and measures are understandable but his is ridiculous. I for once will not visit Spain, although I have a second home in Mallorca, and that certainly applies to the majority of people with a second home in Spain. Pedro Sanchez has to get his wits together, otherwise Spain will heavily suffer as it is very dependent on the tourism industry. Utter stupidity seems to be the prevailing stance of the Spanish Government. Olle Bjoerk, Es Camp de Mar, Mallorca


Charles / Hace 29 days

Useless solution, but give them the benefit of the doubt, as the editor would say.


Adam / Hace 29 days

Unbelievable absolutely Nuts I was wondering what they were going to do but wearing Masks outdoors was not under the radar , No Words !!!!!


James / Hace 29 days

Isn't it funny that Pedro Sanchez's brother is the biggest supplier of face masks to Spain. Convenient.


James / Hace 29 days

How ridiculous. Good luck I for one will not be par taking. Fine me!


Mark / Hace 29 days

I have no problems with wearing a mask in any shop or anywhere inside where there is public. But outside......that is just stupid. And if I put sneakers on and a track suit, you suddenly don't need one??


Rich / Hace 29 days

A useless measure combined with the army 'on the streets', a dangerous precedent. We live in worrying times. BTW it appears that omicron is mild and will burn out very quickly.