THE justice system is in the spotlight in Spain as judges and lawyers attempt to tackle an enormous workload which stretches from day-to-crimanility to high-profile cases such as the one which is brought against the King´s daughter, the Infanta Cristina. But the judiciary which is at the forefront of the drive to clear-up countless cases of alleged political corruption, cash for favours and alleged wrongdoing by the political elite has few resources and in some cases is cash strapped.  Courts officials say that they have an enormous workload but in many cases do have the necessary resources meaning that the backlog is massive. It can take two to three  years for a case to come to court, especially one which is complex but at the same time judges and lawyers are under pressure to act quickly.  The ongoing investigating into alleged wrongdoing by the Iñaki Urdangarin and his wife, the Infanta Cristina,  has taken at least two years and we are still at the preliminary court appearance stage. I don´t there is any real reasons for these delays except that it is a highly complex case and obviously at it involves senior members of the Spanish royal family all steps must be taken very carefully. But unfortunately for the judiciary the Spanish general public wants them resolved fast. They want an outcome. They are sick of the delays, which some people believe are just classic cases of stalling. The government should ensure that judiciary have the reasons so that justice can be done.