THE Calvia Council has been in firing line over the prostitution/street muggers in Magalluf who have once again returned to the resort. Now Iunderstand that the council have limited powers over the police and a legal loophole does exist which means that these thieves who masquerade as prostitutes simply can´t be arrested.  But let us remember at the World Travel Market tourism fair in London last year the British and Spanish governments and the regional authority promised to sort out Magalluf. So far the only body that has done anything about Magalluf is the Calvia Council, which has installed close circuit security cameras in Calle Punta Ballena and has placed floodlights on the beach. Also, more municipal police officers will be patrolling the resort.  But what we need is more Guardia Civil, with a clear mandate to arrest and prosecute the muggers/prostitutes. It is the Guardia Civil who came to win this battle but they need the tools to finish the job in the form of proper legislation which outlaws this new evil of Magalluf.  And the clock is ticking. If action is not taken soon and judging by some of the comments on social media, tourists are going to go elsewhere. To use another Churchillian phrase, Action this Day, is needed.  Magalluf is a fun and party resort but it also needs to be safe. It is easy to blame the Calvia Council because they are on the spot but the solution to the problem lies in Palma if not Madrid and not at the town hall in  Calvia village.