I am very aware that we are a tourist island, which lives from tourism. Without tourists we are nothing. Any bad publicity is not good for Majorca but we can´t turn a blind eye to what is going on in Magalluf . As you will read in today´s newspaper British tourists, who have been coming on holiday to Magalluf for many years, are having to take a taxi back to their hotel, even though it is only a few hundred metres away, because they are afraid of being mugged. This is an outrageous state of affairs. Magalluf has a big security problem caused by thieves masquerading as prostitutes. As we all know the resort has many other ills, which also need to be resolved, but I think at the moment the main priority should be the security situation. There is a danger that  Magalluf will tarnish Majorca´s good image. British tourists are being mugged, attacked and assaulted almost  on a daily basis. Something needs to be done about Magalluf. The Calvia Council does not have the necessary resources to deal with the problem. It is a Balearic or even central government problem. More Guardia Civil officers need to be sent to the resort. The Calvia Local Police are already over stretched during the summer and their numbers are limited. Spanish national television has dubbed Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf as one of the most dangerous streets in Spain, it is a pity that the government in Madrid doesn´t take note. This is not a local problem, this is a major issue which needs to be resolved.