I welcome the announcement that Ryanair is considering buying a stake in the Spanish Airport Authority, AENA. Now Chief Executive, Michael O´Leary, may be not the most popular man in Spain but he certainly knows how to run an airline and AENAcould certainly use his expertise. Now, O´Leary and his airline have enjoyed some rather bad press coverage in Spain and the announcement that he is looking to buy a big stake in the airport authority has not been well received by some.  But I think it is a fantastic move especially if the island wants to increase winter tourism.  O´Leary has always maintained that if landing fees are cut then there will be more flights during the winter months. He could soon be in a position to dictate cheaper rates which could mean that at last Majorca would become a winter holiday destination. I suppose that Ryanair, if they are successful, will try and run the airport authority, from an airline´s perspective. Lower landing fees and obviously more emphasis on the airline and the  passenger. The Spanish government, which is desperately trying to raise cash, is privatising the airport authority although Ibelieve that it will keep a major stake. It makes perfect sense to me to have an airline running an airport. Airports should be run by governments. I suspect that some of the larger Spanish airlines may object to Ryanair´s plans but at the end of the day the free market should be allowed to reign. However, the move will be opposed.


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