IF the local authorities had taken the action they said they would be taking over Magalluf last winter we would not be in this position now. Back in November at the World Travel Market Tourism fair the Spanish and Balearic Governments announced that there would be a crackdown on Magalluf. They told the British travel industry that Magalluf would no longer be a “trouble resort.” Fast forward to July and Magalluf has come back to haunt them. No only has the promised crackdown not happened the infamous sex-game video means that the resort is in the news for all the wrong reasons across Europe. And now they have no option but to take action, which is quite difficult because no law has actually been broken (allegedly),  The measures on the table include a campaign in the British media warning British tourists to behave while on holiday. The Calvia Council to their credit have taken action against pub crawls. But the big problems in Magalluf still remain. The muggers masquerading as prostitutes are still operating in the resort and petty crime and general bad behaviour is rife across Magalluf. So what should the Madrid and Palma Governments have done? Well, firstly they should have put the necessary legislation in place which would allow the police to arrest the so-called prostitutes and crackdown on bad behaviour. Due to its special status more police should have been sent to Magalluf. Unfortunately, it is all a bit late now. Stable door.....


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