There is nothing better than a summer holiday in Majorca but I got the impression that all is not well with tourism onthe island this summer. After spending two weeks as a tourist on Majorca  in  many resorts I came to the conclusion that the island seemed quieter than usual.  Now, obviously there are thousands of tourists about but I think I would be right in saying that things are quieter than last year and to some extent more expensive. Hiring a pedalo now seems to cost the same as chartering a super-yacht, a drink in many of the island´s top attractions will cost you a small fortune and many of the island´s once famous beach-side restaurants which prided themselves on their fresh fish and typical Majorcan cuisine have now become decidely Italian with pizza and pasta finding a prominent spot on their menus. Fast and inexpensive food  at top restuarants, a sign of the times. At the same time there are many good value for money family restaurants which are having a nightmare time because of the massive growth in all inclusive holidays. And talking of hotels, just out of interest I attempted to book five nights in a Majorcan hotel, the price, 2,500 euros!  So Majorca is still a fantastic holiday spot but if you don´t go all inclusive have your wallet or purse at the ready would be my advice to visiting tourists. And despite government assurances I would disagree with anyone who says that Majorca is on course for a record season.