IT worked for Prime Minister David Cameron and now Balearic leader, Jose Ramon Bauza, is trying to do the same;reduce taxes and increase his popularity ahead of the next local elections. Bauza´s government team are looking to give the self employed a helping hand by reducing their taxes.  But what annoys  me is how politicians dangle the carrot of tax cuts in an effort to increase their popularity. If all else fails you can always cut taxes. But now is not the time. The Balearic economy continues to be in a mess and no-one is too sure if it has emerged from recession and is back on the course of positive growth. Judging by the opinion polls at the moment it will need a minor miracle for Bauza and his ruling Partido Popular to win the next local elections. At the moment we appear to be on course for coalition government. Now, if Bauza had reduced taxes when he came to power I am sure that he would have been in a better position and probably more popular. His Balearic government has been a failure;the education system is in a mess thanks to his controversial three language learning system, winter tourism continues to be a dream rather than a reality, the High Street is still in big trouble and the Convention Centre on Palma´s Paseo Maritimo continued to be an unfinished monument to the days of boom and then it all went bust. So Bauza you are going to need alot more than a few tax cuts to make you popular again. The Balearics deserve alot better.


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