LITTLE Eva-Deia Branson will be a lasting tribute to the wonderful village of Deia and ofcourse the Hotel La Residencia which was owned by Eva´s grandfather (Sir Richard) for so many years.  It also clearly shows that there are no hard feelings and the Branson family still love Majorca even though the attitude of the local authorities thwarted Sir Richard´s plans to open one of the most luxurious hotels in the Mediterranean at nearby Banyalbufar. Branson had big plans for Majorca. Apart from his second hotel he even contemplated producing his own brand of Virgin Olive Oil on the island using traditional Majorcan methods. But planning problems with the Banyalbufar Council meant that plans for the hotel were shelved and then Branson decided to sell the Hotel La Residencia and that really marked the end of his association with the island. Until little Eva-Deia was born, ofcourse. I sincerely hope that the Deia Council will be sending the happy parents a christening present or at least thanking them. This is a classic example of how much Majorca means to so many British people. I also hope that the local authorities will do their best to try and tempt Sir Richard Branson back to the island. In these difficult times Majorca could really use his vision and his forward thinking. So on behalf of all the readers of this newspaper Iwould like to congratulate the Branson family and for thinking of us in Majorca.