One of the headlines which was used frequently last summer involving Magalluf was “The party is over.” This headline came to mind yesterday when I read reports that the Calvia Council is planning to ban alcohol street drinking this summer from 10p.m. to 8a.m. It is certainly a bold move and one which I applaud because as I have said frequently in this space, something needs to be done about Magalluf. But what concerns me is perhaps the Calvia Council have gone too far and there is a real danger that they could be taking the fun out of Magalluf. A complete ban on alcohol street drinking will effectively mean the end of the Punta Ballena strip in its present form. Revellers will be kept in the bars and the party is over on the street. Now, the announcement yesterday caused a sensation in Britain which is quite normal when you consider that Magalluf is one of the top holiday destination for young Brits in the world. Also, there are a number of questions which remain unanswered. How is the Calvia Council planning to police this new legislation?They will need to get the bar and shop owners on side before the legislation can be introduced. The Calvia Council are also taking aim at pub crawls as well and are planning a major crackdown. What is clear is that Magalluf is never going to be the same again. The massive amount of new investment and also tougher Calvia Council rules and guidelines will mean that Magalluf will change big time.