Are we seeing the end of Jeremy Clarkson? If so I sincerely doubt that expats in Majorca will shed many tears because he launched a scathing attack on us in his column in the Sunday Times  claiming that we spent our days drinking gin and tonics and moaning about the state of Britain. Many said that it was his revenge after he was locked in the toilet at the race-track in Llucmajor during the filming of an episode of Top Gear on the island. To say that the expat community on the island were furious would be an understatement. This is what he said:“I was in Majorca last weekend, which is jammed full of British expats all of whom would begin their explanation of how they got there with the same thing: Well, after I sold the cab . . .There they were, in their chips and footie bars with their desperate eyes and their booze-ruined noses, regaling everyone with their stuck-record views on life back in Blighty. Don’t know how you can live in Britain. Bloody weather. Bloody Muslims. Bloody Brown,” and then, after a wistful pause, “. . . you don’t have a copy of today’s Telegraph do you?” Out-of-line Mr. Clarkson we are not amused. So basically he won few fans on Majorca. But after spending most of my time following the Top Gear team on the island back in 1999 I just don´t know when Clarkson came in contact with expats, apart  from myself and Humphrey Carter and the only thing we asked him for was a copy of today´s Bulletin not the Telegraph! So farewell Jeremy, all is not forgiven!