What a surprise! As soon as there are direct flights from Scotland to Palma they are all packed! Whoever would have thought it!  As a regular reader points out in a letter to the editor if only they had started sooner we wouldn´t be in this position. Finally, Majorca is no longer isolated from one of its key markets, Scotland, and there are regular and direct flights. One of the excuses for the shortage of winter flights to Majorca is that there  is no demand. So why is it that all flights are now packed? If you plan to come to Majorca in March then you could very easily come in February or even January: I was glad to see that our reader-led campaign calling for more winter flights has led to some good news, Ryanair will be flying from Birmingham to Palma from next winter which is obviously a step in the right direction. But we want more! We want flights in the winter from Scotland, from East Midlands and Manchester.  Times appear to be changing there is more talk about winter tourism. It has inspired people in business here to believe that the island could easily become a winter holiday destination. Sooner or later I suspect that the issue of winter flights will be resolved.  There is demand, we all know that. I suspect that the strength of sterling against the euro will also help our campaign. British tourists now have at least 15 percent more cash to spend than this time last year and I sincerely doubt that Majorca will turn them away.