A disaster for the Premier League, appears to be the general consensus of opinion in the Spanish media after three English teams crashed out of the Champions League  before reaching the quarter finals. Meanwhile, three Liga teams have advanced into the last eight.  Jose Mourinho, the man the Spanish media love to hate, is having a nightmare time in England according to the Madrid newspapers. Now, obviously there is great rivalry between the two leagues, but lets face it while the Premier League is the richest in the world, the stars are to be found in Spain. Watching Manchester City play Barcelona the other night, I made the observation that Barcelona has probably got more world class players than the Premier League put together. And then there is Real Madrid. It seems odd that even though the Premiership is the richest league in the world all the leading players, bar a few exceptions, play in Spain. Barcelona´s attacking line-up is quite breathtaking as Manchester City discovered. The only high point was that Joe Hart, the City keeper, proved that he was a match for the best in the world. And what of Mourinho and his alleged English nightmare? Well, he is on course to end the season with two trophies, not bad. But I bet that he would love to have some of the talent available to Real Madrid at Chelsea. There are frequent headlines in the British media about Spain-based stars heading for the Premier League. It is not going to  happen. Real Madrid will never sell Ronaldo, but Iam sure that many Premier League players would move to Spain at the drop of a hat.