The British love affair with Majorca is alive and well and if the British have been quieter over the last few years it has just been a question of economics. Sterling is giving the euro a pounding and the Brits are back. Over the last few days Ihave been talking to a number of local estate agents and bankers and they all say the same thing. The Brits are back and they are spending. Sterling has risen by 15 percent against the euro over the last few weeks and this has led to a massive increase in interest in owning a property on the island from British buyers. And who can blame them. The Sunday Times published the world´s best kept secret at the weekend that Palma is the best place to live in the world. The British love affair with Majorca has been going on for almost 100 years and it shows no sign of declining. The British are faithful and loyal Majorca lovers. They will not go elsewhere if they can avoid it. I suspect that we will be seeing a big growth in the size of the British community on the island over the coming months, both holiday home owners and permanent residents. It always happens when sterling is strong. Thankfully we are now seeing the end of the recession and the local economy is on course to grow by two percent this year. The local ministry for tourism says that we can look forward to a record holiday season. It is fantastic that after all the bad news of recent years there is now some good news. The Brits are back!