It is a great pity that Real Mallorca football club are facing relegation rather than promotion to the First Division. When your football club is close to the relegation zone there are cries from fans to sack the board or the manager. I can tell you the new board of directors under chairman Utz Claassen are probably more disappointed at the poor run of results than the fans. It must be remembered that Claassen has spent millions of euros on buying the club and investing in new players. The chairman told me six weeks ago that they had one of the best squads in the Spanish Second Division and I have no reason to doubt him. So hopefully Real Mallorca will avoid relegation so that Claassen and his team can plan an assault on the First Division next season. This year was always going to be difficult. A new board, new players and and of course a new manager. Majorca needs a football team which is in the First Division and I have no doubt that Claassen and his team are the people who can deliver it. He is passionate about football and passionate about Real Mallorca.  Unfortunately, perhaps some of his passion needs to run off on some of the players. Real Mallorca´s next few matches are like Cup finals, they need to win to secure safety in the Second Division. No easy task, I hear you  say? Yes but it is certainly do-able. Real Mallorca needs our support more than ever, so come on lets get behind our local team in its hour of need and ensure that we go up rather than down.