The Balearics are without a government, and many key areas of the island including Calvia, with its multi-million euro tourist industry, are without a council. The summer season is underway, tourists are arriving but the local authorities are in a state of flux. There is a sort of “government in being”formed by the previous administration but it has little or no powers and is simply minding the fort until a new coalition government is formed. Now, the island councils must be formed by this month so the clock is ticking and much political activity will be taking place in the coming weeks to try and form coalition teams. Calvia, is set to be ruled by a left-wing coalition. I suspect that once the three left wing parties reach an accord at local government level then the councils will follow. Yesterday, the first talks took place between the Spanish Socialist Party, Podemos and the nationalist left wing party, Mes, about forming a coalition government. They all have to agree on many points ranging from the new tourist tax to abolishing the three language learning system.  So, there are going to be lengthy discussions ahead. They must all decide on who is going to be President. Now, Spanish Socialist leader, Francina Amengol, wants the job and many believe that she is the most qualified person to lead the islands. But some within the other two parties, which will form the coalition, have different views.  There is plenty to settle but we have no government.


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