Improvements on the horizon for Balearic education. | Jason Moore


The Balearic minister for education, Martí March, has asked the national ministry to halt the application of the LOMCE curriculum and to wait until after the general election for agreement to be reached on reforms that will give stability to the education system.

LOMCE, which is the national law for the quality in education, has caused controversy in the Balearics and its provisions have mostly been rejected by the islands’ teachers.
In his meeting with Inigo Mendez de Vigo, the national minister, March addressed the main educational challenges facing the Balearics.

The talks were cordial with March seeking to arrive at a minimal agreement for now, while objectives in the Balearics are pursued in order to obtain a pact that will improve education in the Balearics and which could also be introduced at national level. March considers the philosophy and structure of LOMCE to be inadequate and also believes that it has too great a potential for uncertainty in application.