The proposal by the regional director-general for ports and airports, Xavier Ramis, for a flat-rate air tariff to replace the current residents’ discount scheme for inter-island flights has received broad support from business and consumer groups.

The proposal, which will require negotiation with the national ministry for development, would have, it is believed, an immediate beneficial impact in generating greater air traffic and improving air connections.

The Balearic Consumers’ Associations (ACB). The president of ACB, Alfonso Rodríguez, says  that this is a scheme that it has been wanting for a long time, as it would improve residents’ quality of life. A one-way price of 30 euros - which is what Ramis has proposed - would be positive.

“We believe, however, that this should go further and be extended to essential routes serving Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, while a flat-rate scheme would avoid increases of up to 600% for last-minute bookings.”