Regional tourism minister, Vice-President Biel Barceló, has told hoteliers from Ibiza and Formentera that there will be no “massive” legalisation of private apartments for holiday rental.

Though he is looking at amending tourism legislation in order to permit the commercialisation of such apartments, the minister is insisting that this type of accommodation will have to meet certain requirements (which have as yet not been specified).
The hoteliers in the Pitiusas islands oppose relaxation of current legislation on similar grounds to their colleagues in Majorca, adding that they also think it will make properties more expensive.

Barceló and the director-general for tourism, Pilar Carbonell, were in Ibiza to talk also about the tourist eco-tax, something else which the hoteliers reject. The minister explained that the government was looking at options for ways in which the tax could be collected, which in Europe is typically done through the tourist establishment.

The government has spoken of collection at airports and ports, but this may not be possible because the state controls the airports and ports and not the regional government.

A further option, through a tax applied on tickets, is thought to be most unlikely because of logistical difficulties with doing so.