Tom Ousby. | Michels


On 1 August 2013, 19-year-old Tom Ousby fell nine floors to his death from the roof of the Hotel Atlantic in Magalluf and, finally, his parents will now found out what happened.

Mother Lea Ousby has constantly maintained that there was more to her son’s death than was admitted by the authorities here in Majorca: the police blamed his death on a simple fall.

But Lea and husband John have never given up their fight for justice and to know why their son died while he had been working for three months in Magalluf. As a result of raising the issue with the then Attorney General, their local MP Dominic Grieve, and a top Scotland Yard detective for help, as they desperately tried to piece together the puzzle, they hope that an inquest which is to be opened this week will finally unlock the truth behind his death.

The family also tasked a private investigator with examining the case - and she apparently uncovered disturbing clues apparently ignored by the police.

Investigator Amanda Foster said last year: “This was no accident. Someone must have seen something.”

Lea first contacted the Bulletin nearly exactly a year ago to make a plea for anyone who still had information to come forward.